One of the bands that initiated HEAVY METAL NACIONAL in 1985, and that returns its activities after 30 years of its formation.


After 30 years the band meets again with an unprecedented lineup, with all the current musicians, former members of the band.


The band's founders, André "Pomba" Cagni / Bass (currently one of the most influential political activists in politics in São Paulo, militant pro-causa LGBTS and one of the main DJs of the night of São Paulo), Sergio Facci / Drums - V PROJECT (solo work), FENICIOS, legendary band from Rocknroll's São Paulo scene, and 3 In The Box, night band from São Paulo), together with André Gois / Vocals, narrator of the 89Fm and Brasil 2000 radio stations, and currently on Rádio Eldorado FM , J.Luis "Xinho" Gemignani / Guitar, considered one of the "Guitar Heroes Nacional" (having even participated in the "G4 Experience" with Joe Satriani, current administrator of Forum Green Notes, and collaborator of Território da Música Of Total Guitar Magazine), who recorded the 1st LP Final Conflict (1986) and Paulo Lanfranchi / Guitar, (currently playing with the band V PROJECT), and that participated in the band from the 2nd LP - Seeds Of Desctruction, reunite and resume Again the road, with new versions of the old recordings and with creations of unpublished musics.


VODU was one of the bands that played the most in Brazil - the first Tour - The Final Conflict, with more than 40 shows by Brazil and Argentina, playing with legendary bands, Venom and Exciter (1986), Motorhead (1987) and Nasty Savage (1988), whose debut LP - THE FINAL CONFLICT, with the support of Rock Brigade Records - was the first LP released in Brazil with one band only. Three other LPs marked the band's career - SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION - NO WAY - ENDLESS TRIP.


The band is preparing to launch their new work in early 2018 and return to the road with full force !! Released five new songs in VOODOO DOOL Demo in feb/2018. Avaible in Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, others ..


The VODU band has 4 LP records, released by Rock Brigade Records.


All VODU LPs will be reissued in 2017 by Classic Metal Records, and the 1st LP - The Final Conflict will be the first to be reissued in February / 2017(Classic Metal Records).

In 2020 Voodoo will release a new CD - Walking With Fire !! 


1 – The Final Conflict (1986)

2 – Seeds Of Destruction (1988)

3 – No Way (1989)

4 – Endless Trip (1991)

Voodoo Doll DEMO CD

VOODOO DOLL - Demo 2018